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During the installation on Windows and Mac systems, security alerts may be displayed due to the absence of an EV code signing certificate for the FastTrack executable. These alerts can be safely ignored. To verify the FastTrack executable, you can easily and freely compare the MD5 checksum. For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the installation video.


Stable versions of FastTrack are released for Linux (official AppImage, official AUR for ArchLinux, community Fedora package), Mac (as dmg), and Windows (installer, portable folder). The nightly versions are available on the download page.


  1. For Windows:
  2. For Linux (all distributions) as AppImage:
    • Download the AppImage file.
    • Allow FastTrack.AppImage to be executed:
      • Right-click on the AppImage file.
      • Click on Properties.
      • Click on Permissions.
      • Tick “Allow executing file as program”.
    • Check the AppImage Launcher to integrate AppImage into the system.
  3. For Linux natively:
    • Fedora: sudo dnf install fasttrack fasttrack-cli
    • Arch Linux: yay -S fasttrack fasttrack-cli
    • From source : qmake src/ ; make ; sudo make install ; qmake src/ ; make ; sudo make install
  4. For Mac (.app):
    • Minimal version required based on Qt6 minimal version required.
    • Download the FastTrack dmg file.
    • Double click on the dmg file.
    • Drag the application from the dmg window into the Applications folder.
  5. For Mac (brew):
    • Install
    • brew tap fasttrackorg/fasttrack
    • brew install fasttrack
    • FastTrack-cli can be located at /usr/local/bin/FastTrack-Cli and directly used and FastTrack opened using open /usr/local/Cellar/fasttrack/6.3.1_1/bin/


FastTrack will display a message at the start-up and in the status bar when a new release is available.

  1. For Windows:
    Search the FastTrackUpdater in the Windows Start Menu or execute the MaintenanceTool.exe in the installation folder directly and follow the provided instructions.

  2. For Linux:
    The FastTrack AppImage does not currently support the automatic update. Replace the current AppImage with the latest AppImage released.

  3. For Mac:

    • The FastTrack App does not currently support the automatic update. Replace the current App with the latest App released.
    • The brew package support upgrade using brew upgrade.