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With Fast Track, tracks multiple objects in video recording. Fast, easy to use and robust, get the maximum of your experiments for free.

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Tracking made easy. Download, install and track.

Adapted for your project

Fast Track can be easily adapted for every project.

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Fast Track technology can be embedded in every project.

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Tracking and analysis made easy

Easy to use and free Fast Track can be downloaded for free. Easy to use, it allows to track multiple objects in video recording. Fast and reliable, it can analyze data up to 500 frames per second.

Open source, compatible with all platforms. Fast Track is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and can be compiled from source to any compatible platforms. It is open source, the user can make changes to the source code or integrates the tracking technology into their own project.

Continuous development and feature integration

Fast Track is actively developed, stay tuned for new features.

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With Fast Track, you can analyze your movies on all platforms. Fast Track is available under an open source GPL v3 license.

Some example of FastTrack capabilities

Applicable on a wide variety of systems

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